Getting Involved: Clubs And Orgs On Campus

Nicholas Felix, News Editor

Here’s a list of all the clubs under the Student Government Association at NJCU:

ASBMB: Standing for Advocating Success and Beyond, Advocating Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The ASBMB gives students opportunities to collaborate in hands-on projects, build a career path into science and medical fields, and expand their social networks. Making science fun and passionate for future generations. Instagram: @njcuasbmb

ASEZ (Saving the Earth from A to Z): This organization is an international network established by high school and university students from the World Mission Society Church of God. This is a welcoming environment for members to learn how to be leaders, join volunteer opportunities, and Bible seminars. The ASEZ are part of several focus projects. Their mission qualities are unity, friendship and diverse acceptance among all races, religions, and socioeconomics. Instagram: @Asezeastcoastusa and Website:

Biology Club: This club is focused on career fields related to biology, medicine, and health, but still inclusive to other science subjects. Volunteering, charity, and resume building are part of this club’s initiative to expand societal relations and skills. Instagram: @njcubioclub, [email protected], Twitter: @njcubioclub

Black Student Union (BSU): The BSU is designed to educate and inform the student body about the African diaspora. The BSU is also created to celebrate and uplift our Black student body. Instagram: bsunjcu

Chemistry Club: A chapter/branch of the American Chemical Society, this club focuses on engaging students in chemistry-related opportunities for careers, activities, and developing critical skills. Instagram: @njcuchem

CRU: A Non-Denominational Christian Organization, their goals are to empower students and encouraging participants to spread and share positivity. College life can be stressful and tedious, CRU is here to help relieve and soothe student minds through the Fellowship of the Word. CRU meetings are in GSUB 217, Mondays at 4 PM. Instagram: @njcucru

DANCE Club: Whether you are a skilled dancer, want to be, or just love to dance no matter what, this is the club for you and your rhythmic spirits, come and dance your stress away. Instagram: @Danceclub_njcu

Drea(ME)rs: A supportive and empowering space for undocumented, immigrant, and refugee students to provide knowledge and confidence to traverse society without feeling disadvantaged. Their objectives are: (1) Educating on societal and legal inequalities, (2) educational, legal, and other financial resources, (3) Guide students towards opportunities and becoming citizens. Follow Instagram @njcudreamers

Environmental Club: If you care about the planet, are an activist, want to spread a greener environment, this is the club for you. The Environmental club will also help students build effective resumes while learning how to initiate good changes. Their three main objectives are education, advocacy, and volunteerism. Instagram: @njcu.enviroclub, Email: [email protected]

Film Club: Are you interested in Acting, Writing or Filmmaking? This new club is a for students of any major who is interested in making films. Whether you have experience or not, the club’s goal is to make sure everyone learns how to make good films as a group. Email the president with any questions at [email protected] Instagram @njcufilmclub

Gothic Curls Club: This club seeks to teach curly-haired individuals to embrace natural selves. Gothic Curls provide tips, styling techniques, workshops, giveaways, and resources regarding hair-care maintenance and safety. Instagram: @njcugothiccurls

Health Science Student Organization (HSSO): This organization consists of a flexible network of students pursuing the healthcare industry while also working with other departments and clubs on the campus. The HSSO’s mission involves building members into leaders to unify their communities while maintaining a strong network. Instagram @njcu_hsso

LGBTQI+ Alliance: The objectives of the LGBTQI+ Alliance is to expand safe and social environments for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Questioning/Queer, Intersex and Asexual students. The Alliance raises awareness, celebrating pride, and servicing activists’ events while countering social issues. Instagram: @njcualliance, [email protected]

Muslim Student Association (MSA): MSA was founded by Muslim students from various backgrounds who wanted to provide a safe space for Islamic teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah. Islam is a religion that spreads words of open-mindedness and love. The MSA’s objectives: (1) Facilitate a strong Muslim community, (2) Provide and maintain educational, social, and spiritual resources, (3) counteract harmfully racist and stereotypical ideas about Islam in American society, (4) expand awareness about global current events. Instagram @njcumsa

Positive Mind Club: This club is built on the foundation of raising awareness for mental health, wanting to give students a safe place to discuss what contributes to the detrimental factors to our minds and emotions. Positive Mind is focused on developing workshops for students and staff to make up for the lack of resources in Jersey City, especially for young adults suffering alone. More of their goals involve creating fun events, hands on experiences, and leadership training while promoting education. Instagram: @njcu_positivemindclub21

Pre-Dental Club: The Pre-Dental club exists to build and guide a community of future dentistry professionals. They will provide preparation and research for dental schools, the Dental Admission Test (D.A.T.), introduce guest speakers and mentors who will expose students to various career and


Pre-Med Club: For students following the medical and healthcare fields, this club will help provide resources, establish connections between members and build networks within the medical community. This club will introduce internships, volunteering, research, prepare students transitioning into graduate school, provide resume workshops, and mentorships. Their mission is to build up future healthcare workers with a passion for service. Instagram: @njcupremed

Swim Club: This is one of the newest clubs at NJCU for students who enjoy swimming at are looking to boost their skills in the water. Instagram: @njcu_swimclub

Test Prep Club: Founded and designed by President Izzet Semih Ozkaya from the ground up, Test Prep is here to guide and provide students with empowerment, free resources, and an environment of good vibes to study proficiently. They will introduce hundreds of members to their study souls (study buddies), launch workshops with high school students to prepare them for the pros and cons of college life and prepare you for test such as MCAT, LSAT etc. Soon to come is their own website and student club app. Test Prep is leveling up this year. Instagram: @smhozkayaa, @testprepnjcu

Undergraduate Student Research Club: This club focuses on learning, discussing, and applying research skills in science, English, psychology, and other disciplines. Instagram: @usrc.njcu, [email protected]

Student Government Association: The SGA is a group of elected student leaders that provide a platform for concerns, ideas and voices from the campus community. They contribute to clubs and organizations. Their mission included inclusion, access, support, community involvement, and student well-being. Instagram: @sganjcu

Student Activities Board: The SAB plans diverse programs of cultural, social, educational, and

recreational activities across campus. Instagram: @sabnjcu

This list was compiled by Nick Felix, Features Editor. If you have a club that is not listed here, please contact him at [email protected].