Board of Trustees Considers Proposed Tuition Hikes for 2015

By Amber Vaughn –

On April 28, there was Board of Trustees meeting concerning the proposed percentage increase on the tuition and fees for 2015.

Prior to this meeting, a petition was being signed to freeze the tuition during the SGO elections on the table of the Gothic Knights Grassroots (GKG). The 316 petitions that were signed were given to the Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Virginia Melendez.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Rafael Perez, says, “The statements made today in the hearing were definitely the strongest he has heard in a while, and that they will re-visit these statements with the Board of Trustees to attempt to minimize tuition and fee increases.”

Alvert Hernandez, New Jersey City University Student Government Organization President, said, “Well, New Jersey is the 50th in the nation in funding higher education, which means it’s only a matter of time until tuition hikes again.”

“My take on the tuition hike is that it shouldn’t happen. Increasing tuition is not going to assist the student body. Most students that go to NJCU are from lower social economic statuses or disenfranchised backgrounds.” said Corinne Reilly-Ferretto, 19-year-old double major in Psychology and Music from Cliffside Park, NJ. “Together, everyone of NJCU including students, staff, faculty, and administration need to collaborate on ways to get the proper funding NJCU needs. Higher education should be seen as an investment, not an expense.”

If they decide to increase the tuition, it will be a percentage between 1% and 3%. Graduate students would pay $5.30 more at 1%, $10.55 more at 2%, and $15.85 more at 3% for 2015. For Undergraduate students, they’ll be paying 1% ($2.50), 2% ($5.05), or 3% ($7.55) more per credit; 1% ($37.80), 2% ($75.60), or 3% ($113.40) more per semester.

“Our main focus is to find out what is the right tuition for incoming and current students. We work very hard to make sure our neediest students can attend at minimal cost by using TAG and Pell Grants. In addition, our Foundation Board provides additional support through scholarships and paid internships.” says President Sue Henderson. “On June 5th, the Foundation Board will host a gala where the proceeds will go toward scholarships for students.”

Even though the hearing is based on the tuition and fees of next semester into next year, the final decision won’t be held by the Board of Trustees until its meeting on June 2, 2014.