FLEX your financial muscle

By Mack Do and Monir Khilla —

The Gothic Times, along with the Financial Literacy Expert Team (FLEX), will be running a column dedicated to helping the campus community better manage their personal budgets. Issues such as building better credit scores, investing, and saving money will be addressed by the FLEX team. What differentiates the FLEX team from other advice columns? The advisers are students and administrators who can bring a sense of practicality to the column, addressing issues that are common to everyone in the campus community

A little bit about FLEX: it is a group of ten students, along with administrators, designed to help others with financial literacy through workshops and activities. FLEX wants to help students manage their money better and help spread the importance of financial literacy.

FLEX offers workshops on how to manage your money, how to save, and how to invest. Workshops are offered to Orientation to College/First Year Experience classes now, but, occasionally, offer bigger workshops to everyone depending on the availability of guest speakers. FLEX discusses issues on how to avoid debt, how to invest money for the future, and the need-to-knows of how to manage our money, which you don’t learn in school.

The primary goal of Flex is to help students to learn and appreciate the value of a dollar, especially when the economy is at a slump and no jobs are available. In addition, money management is a life investment in itself.