A Beginner’s Guide to Comic-Con


Provided by NYC Comic-Con

Emmanuel Lebron

You can hear the rumble if you listen close enough. The sound of last minute capes being sewn. Of helmets being donned. The sound of foam swords being spray painted and prepared for war.

It’s coming.

The weekend of October 9th geeks of all shapes and sizes will descend upon the Javits Center, In New York. You may be among the lucky few who got badges this year, out of curiosity, and are wondering, what’s the big deal about Comic-Con? What is there even to do, or see? You might see the masses charging in and be totally overwhelmed. Don’t worry. I’m a convention veteran (I served my first tour in ’05, things were different then…), and I’ve put together this handy guide with tips on how to make the most of out your experience;

  1. BRING WATER. Mad Max was right, it’s a valuable resource. Have a giant water bottle on your person at all times. It will get hot. STAY HYDRATED. Nothing ruins a con faster than heat exhaustion and hydration.
  2. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A MOSTLY EMPTY BAG. The reason the line to even get into Comic-Con is massive is because they check bags for security purposes. The less junk you have on you the quicker the process goes.
  3. HAVE AS MANY FULLY CHARGED PORTABLE CELLPHONE CHARGERS AS YOU CAN CONCEIVABLY GET YOUR HANDS ON. They are getting better at this but for the most part there is really nowhere to charge your phone. Also some cell phone providers barely have signal in The Javits, especially the lower areas so prepare to possibly wander aimlessly just for a sliver of signal.
  4. HAVE MONEY. You’re going to want something. That thing you wanted your whole life, but never new existed? It’s here, and on sale. That one issue you’re missing? Also here. Your favorite character? There’s a statue of them and it’s cheap. Your favorite actor? They are here and signing autographs. Make sure you have at least a reasonable amount of spending cash to get the most out of your experience. Also you might want to eat, which leads me to…
  5. WATER. Seriously stay hydrated
  6. SMUGGLE FOOD IN OR LEAVE THE JAVITS TO EAT. The javits center cafeteria is overpriced and not even all that great. There are usually food trucks right outside the con area and few fast food places not even two blocks outside of the con area. (Unless your desperate and have $5 to spend on a $1 bottle of water and $15 for two slices of pizza.)
  7. HAVE A CAMERA READY. Everyone is in costume. Celebrities are roaming aimlessly. Photoshoots are happening. You’re going to want pictures.
  8. WEAR A COSTUME. Honestly do it. It’ll enhance your experience. Think it’s silly? Doesn’t matter. JUST DO IT. Think of it as pre Halloween. Personally I have been cosplaying for years and it’s the most fun thing to do at a con.
  9. HAVE FUN. Enjoy yourself! Go to a panel that seems interesting. Go see your favorite artist or TV star; quite a few of them are going to be there.

Follow these tips and you are sure to have an incredible Comic-Con experience!

For more information, please visit the official Comic-Con website at www.newyorkcomiccon.com.