Super Bowl LII: An Epic Win for the Eagles

Kristen Hazzard, Reporter

I didn’t intend on cheering for the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles during last night’s Super Bowl. But my old babysitter Alicia Walton was a true Eagles fan and from her I learned how to enjoy watching football. Unfortunately, she died last summer, but her passion for the team and the sport extended from her to the children she watched over — and she babysat for most of the neighborhood. Since she died before seeing her team go all the way to the Super Bowl, I figured I would cheer on the Eagles for her. I knew that if they won then she would be screaming and doing cartwheels in heaven.

The Recap

Super Bowl 52 was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 4. The Philadelphia Eagles were led by quarterback Nick Foles and the New England Patriots were led by quarterback Tom Brady. Brady has five Super Bowls under his belt and this game would have been his sixth. Brady recently came back from a hand injury he had a few weeks before the Super Bowl. Foles is backup to quarterback Carson Wentz who is out for a knee injury.

The Eagles started the game with high intensity in the both the first and second quarter. As they entered the third, they continued to stay on their toes and fresh, with no signs of exhaustion. The Eagles took the lead with 22-12 in the first half of the game. During half time Justin Timberlake paid tribute to Prince (Minnesota is Prince’s hometown.)

In the second half, the Eagles kept the pressure up. The Pats did pull through and scored a couple of points which brought up their momentum however they had a couple of fumbles, interceptions and missed field goals throughout the game. The Patriots did make a comeback taking the lead 33-32 in the 9:22 of the fourth quarter. There was only one sack in the entire game which was made by the Eagles defensive lineman Brennan Graham.

There were two epic touchdowns that the Eagles made, the first was when they took a page from the Pats playbook using the trick play. Corey Clement (running back), Trey Burton (tight end) and Nick Foles (quarterback) were very important in order to complete the play. The end result was Foles catching the ball and scoring a touchdown. The second and game winning catch was by tight end Zach Ertz in the fourth quarter. The Eagles went on to play with aggression and passion which led Philadelphia to win the game 41-33 and Foles won MVP. This win at the Super Bowl was a first for the city.