NJCU Men’s Basketball Clinch No.1 Title

Kristen Hazzard, Reporter

In an epic basketball game between two rivals, NJCU (19-5) proved they deserved the No. 1 title in the NCAA Division III Atlantic Regional by beating Montclair (No.4) and Ramapo (No.3) in the same week. The Knights’ clinch the No. 1 title for the third season in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III Atlantic Regional rankings of the 2017-18 season.

NJCU faced Ramapo College (18-6) on February 10. In the first quarter, Ramapo lead the game 46-40 thanks to their three-pointers and foul shots. By the second quarter, NJCU came out in fighting force leading the game 49-38. The team effort and three-point shots contributed to the points gained by NJCU. The Knights took home another win leaving the final score at 89-84.

The last game of the season will be against Stockton University on February 14. If they win, the team will qualify for the New Jersey Athletic Conference Tournament (NJCA). Although the regional rankings are important to qualify for the NCAA tournament, the team has to win the NJCA first.

The Gothic Knights (19-5) played Montclair State University the Red Hawks (16-7) on February 7. The Hawks held the first quarter by one point 35-34 however the Knights regained composure in the second quarter and took a seven-point lead 49-42. The Gothic Knights took the win the leaving the final score at 84-76.