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Protesters Leave No Racist Monument Unturned

Statue of Christopher Columbus located in the Journal Square region of Jersey City, NJ.

Sandra Mendez, Arts & Entertainment Editor

September 17, 2020

Many citizens have protested, spoke out, and even rioted in response to the onslaught of countless young black lives lost at the hands of racist police. One of the acts of righteousness has been taking down monuments of slave owners in various cities. While some argue that this is un-American and a defacement...

Whiteness Does Not Make You Superior: A Message to the Brown Community

A photo of the fair & lovely cream, a commonly used skin lightening product within the brown community.

Maryam Pervaiz, News Editor

September 16, 2020

The Black Lives Matter movement has me thinking about how I can become a better ally. Within the culture that I come from, there is a world where brown people are constantly obsessing over how light their skin is and how disgusted they are by dark-colored skin. For all my non-brown folk...

White Latinos & The Privilege of Being Unseen

Monica Ortiz, Contributing Writer

June 8, 2020

Growing up, I always got annoyed when people called me white. In elementary school, I didn’t understand the difference between nationality versus ethnicity versus race. My grandmother was a Cuban immigrant and my father was Puerto Rican. I am not European so therefore I am not white. Nevermind that ...

Open Your Purse: Places to donate and help the protests

Monica Sarmiento, Contributing Writer

June 4, 2020

Instead of posting a black square, I spent some time this afternoon compiling a list of bail funds, mutal aid funds, memorials, and other donation pages I was able to find and verify. This list is in no way comprehensive but its certainly a start and I hope it encourages some of you to do more if you're...

They Lost God and Found Trump: A New Conservative Wave

Keion Mehki Jackson, Staff Reporter

April 18, 2020

“In the “lynching era,” between 1880 to 1940, white Christians lynched nearly five thousand black men and women in a manner with obvious echoes of the Roman crucifixion of Jesus. Yet these “Christians” did not see the irony or contradiction in their actions."  ― James H. Cone, The Cross...

Who’s on your bookshelf?

Photo displays Children books.
Photo courtesy of Wokingham Libraries/ Pixabay

Rebecca Richardson, Features Editor

April 17, 2020

You can tell a lot about a school just by looking at its classroom libraries. Classroom libraries are collections of books and magazines used to encourage independent reading in a designated space of a K-12 classroom. Whether there’s a lavish space with comfy bean bag chairs accompanied by the latest...

Without Bernie Sanders, can the Democrats really beat Donald Trump?

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Nick Camejo, Contributing Writer

April 8, 2020

As another Presidential Election looms on the horizon and is less than seven months away, only one Democrat— a moderate known as current frontrunner and former Vice-President, Joe Biden remains and believes he could make Trump a one-term President and regain control of the White House. This com...

Anti-Asian Racism: The thing spreading faster than COVID-19

Photo courtesy of

Michi Suazo, Contributing Writer

March 14, 2020

It is Friday afternoon. I clock into work but not two minutes have passed before my white coworker asks me if I have the coronavirus. I smile and try to laugh it off and think to myself that they’re just joking. Two months prior to the outbreak, my white coworkers laughed behind me in the office, j...

Knight Light

Knight Light

Nevin Perkins, Op/Ed Editor

February 19, 2020

Knight Light is a new column where students who are involved with the Center for Community Engagement will be highlighted for their work and contributions to the NJCU community.   It feels as if Kiara Espinosa is everywhere. In her third year majoring in Political Science, She works for the offi...

Gun Violence at School: Is This The Norm?

Diana Sanchez, Contributing Writer

February 10, 2020

As an educator I have plenty to worry about on a day-to-day basis. I need to have papers and pencils ready for my students, and my lesson plans must be up to date. I shouldn't have to fear for my safety, as well as the safety of the kids around me. How can we create a safe space to learn for the kid...

Shooting in Jersey City leaves 6 Dead and the City in Fear

Lights slowly come back on across campus as the lockdown was lifted.

Sean Quinn

December 12, 2019

Yesterday on December 10, a violent shooting happened on MLK Boulevard and Bidwell Avenue, as well as the surrounding area, not far from NJCU's main campus. Two gunmen, who had only been identified as a man and a woman garbed in black clothing and carrying powerful weapons, exited a stolen U Haul truck...

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: Optional or Human Rights?

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: Optional or Human Rights?

Monica Ortiz, Contributing Writer

October 29, 2019

It seems that more and more schools, universities and other buildings are implementing gender-neutral bathrooms. Despite Transgender folx existing for centuries, the debate on what bathroom they can use has only been a hot topic for a few years now. Due to legislation such as bill HB2 in North Carolina...

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