December 14, 2020


Photo Courtesy of NJCU.edu

Aminah Chaudhary’s silkscreen buttlerflies, a part of her “Untethered” series.

Lastly, Aminah Chaudhary, a graphic design major and former production manager for The Gothic Times, created bright, multicolored butterflies by hand, using silkscreen techniques, sequins, and bead embellishments. Her artwork titled Untethered is a metaphor for femininity and delicateness.

According to her, butterflies, while being graceful, have the strength to reinvent themselves through change and migration. “I have created an extension of myself with these butterflies. I have given them names of all the beautiful young women in my family, and each name is enhanced with a characteristic they represent to me. I have chosen these characteristics to be represented in my native language (Urdu) because the sound of the words being spoken and the imagery, they conjure sums up everything I am trying to represent with them. These butterflies also function as kites and kites represent flight and freedom that all the women in the world, young and old, can use to express their fragility and beauty,” Chaudhary said.

These works of art have illuminated how NJCU art graduates have captured the essence of their experience throughout the hardships. Three artists while coming from different backgrounds share a commonality of womanhood and struggle in society. During COVID-19, it has forced many to grasp inspiration from within. Female NJCU artists have given a voice to the female perspective.

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