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Zoom University Struggles: Time Management

Example of an Eisenhower box
November 6, 2020

The struggle is real my friends. Whether your classes are in-person, hybrid, asynchronous, synchronous, or whatever you want to call it, I think we all can relate to a lack of motivation, high anxiety,...

Get Out The Vote: 1915 and Earlier

Alice Dunbar-Nelson saved this classic suffrage swag, a map showing the growth of women’s right to vote. Like many scrapbook makers, Dunbar-Nelson reused an old book or ledger. Hers was a household accounts book, probably never used. When scrapbook makers pasted over other books, they demonstrated that they valued one text over the other: in this case, suffrage work over close attention to individual housekeeping.
Women's and African-Americans suffrage.
November 2, 2020

Since retiring from teaching at NJCU, I miss handing out voter registration forms in class, and assignments that help students think about the importance of voting. This year, I wondered what new channels...

Hispanic Heritage Month 2020: A Testament of Resilience and Pride

U.S. army celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
October 9, 2020

September 15th marks the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month which focuses on Hispanic culture and pride honoring all the hard work and achievements of Hispanics. When Lyndon B. Johnson signed...

5 Most Popular Hobbies During Quarantine

Baking bread during quarantine; seeking new hobbies during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.
September 18, 2020

Covid-19 altered our daily routines and lifestyles seemingly overnight. For better or worse, work-from-home mandates, restaurants, gym, and library closures, and social event cancellations, left many with...

Here’s A List Of Books About Anti-Racism, But Is Reading About Race Enough?

The cover of children's novel
September 15, 2020

Not only did Americans march the streets of major cities and small neighborhoods after the murder of George Floyd, many also turned to books to educate themselves on systematic and institutional oppression...

Latinx Research and Lounge Center Grand Opening

March 3, 2020

     A new center for Latinx Research at NJCU will officially be open in March. It will be jointly run by Program Coordinator Dr. David Blackmore and Associate Professor Dr. Cora Lagos from the Modern...

Recap: Toni Morrison

Recap: Toni Morrison
December 8, 2019

The Literary Festival In Honor of Novelist Toni Morrison was held November 13. Staff, Faculty, and students came together to remember Morrison with readings and open discussion. There were book and kindle...

Gothic Times Attends National Journalism Conference

Pictured from left to right: Interim Editor in Chief Kenise Brown, Opinion-Editorial Editor Nevin Perkins, and Advisor Theta Pavis.
December 8, 2019

The Gothic Times attended the National College Media Convention in Washington, D.C. in late October/early November. About 1,600 students and advisers from across the U.S. came to the conference which featured...

In focus: Adjuncts

Prof. Michael DiFeo teaches in the Media Arts Dept.
A  Special Photo Essay on Three Adjuncts on Campus 
November 29, 2019

    Michael DiFeo is an interdisciplinary artist living in Jersey City. His work incorporates photography, animation, sound, video, and research. He teaches Film & TV Lighting...

Mom & daughter classmates

Picture left to right, Marie Albert & Andrea David                                                          Photo by David Wilson.
NJCU students Marie Albert and Andrea David are Mom & Daughter Freshmen
November 29, 2019

Marie Albert majors in Business Management at NJCU, and Andrea David double majors in Music Business and Art Therapy. Both women are first year students who support each other through the terrific...


Courtesy of
Athletic Department Welcomes Wrestling and Golf to campus
November 26, 2019

  Men’s and Women’s wrestling has arrived at NJCU. This exciting news is important because NJCU will be the first university in New Jersey to offer wrestling as a varsity sport for women. The...

U.S. Olympian is women’s wrestling coach

Elena Pirozhkova (l.) NJCUs new Women’s Wrestling Team Head Coach.
Women’s Wrestling Paves New Path
November 26, 2019

Elena Pirozhkova grew up with eight brothers and sisters who enjoyed wrestling each other for the fun of it. Today, Pirozhkova’s wrestling career is legendary – a World Champion and former U.S....

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