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Colleges are still planning whether to reopen during the fall.
Schools Reopening: Where Do We Go From Here?
Justin Jablonsky, Contributing Writer

As summer comes to a close, every student, teacher, and parent are weighing in on the state of education for the fall semester. A poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation...

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White Latinos & The Privilege of Being Unseen
Monica Ortiz, Contributing Writer

Growing up, I always got annoyed when people called me white. In elementary school, I didn’t understand the difference between nationality versus ethnicity versus race....

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The cover of children
Here's A List Of Books About Anti-Racism, But Is Reading About Race Enough?
Rebecca Richardson, Features Editor

Not only did Americans march the streets of major cities and small neighborhoods after the murder of George Floyd, many also turned to books to educate themselves on systematic...

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Recap: Toni Morrison
Recap: Toni Morrison
December 8, 2019
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Coach Justin Beaumont and the Women
Pandemic Cancels Another Season of Sports
Haresh Oudhnarine and Maryam Pervaiz

Sports across the world have been postponed due to COVID-19. In late July, all sports competitions for Fall 2020 were canceled according to a...

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Photo displays stadiums going empty due to virus.
Photo courtesy of Wgbieber/Pixabay
Where Did Everyone Go?
April 17, 2020
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Are you excited for the fall semester?

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"The NFL Season Is Back: So What Can We Expect?" by Tyler Brown Jr.

The wait is finally over as the NFL is back, but there will be changes from years past. Many professional sports teams have returned and opted for no fans or...

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