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The 2020 election is on Tuesday, November 3rd. Use your power and vote.
Your Vote Can Make A Difference
Brenda Araniva, Contributing Writer

As a first-time voter in New Jersey, I’m encouraging everyone to register to vote. You have the power to choose who will represent your community and future generation. When...

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Statue of Christopher Columbus located in the Journal Square region of Jersey City, NJ.
Protesters Leave No Racist Monument Unturned
Sandra Mendez, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Many citizens have protested, spoke out, and even rioted in response to the onslaught of countless young black lives lost at the hands of racist police. One of the acts of...

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Baking bread during quarantine; seeking new hobbies during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.
5 Most Popular Hobbies During Quarantine
Rebecca Richardson, Features Editor

Covid-19 altered our daily routines and lifestyles seemingly overnight. For better or worse, work-from-home mandates, restaurants, gym, and library closures, and social event...

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Coach Justin Beaumont and the Women
Pandemic Cancels Another Season of Sports
Haresh Oudhnarine and Maryam Pervaiz

Sports across the world have been postponed due to COVID-19. In late July, all sports competitions for Fall 2020 were canceled according to a...

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Photo displays stadiums going empty due to virus.
Photo courtesy of Wgbieber/Pixabay
Where Did Everyone Go?
April 17, 2020
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Varun Kanwar
Varun Kanwar
Production Manager

Varun joined us this year (2020) and is currently the Production Manager for the Gothic Times. He is pursuing his Master's in Studio Art with a concentration in Communication Design at NJCU.

Nevin Perkins
Nevin Perkins
Op/Ed Editor

Nevin Perkins is a junior majoring in English-Creative Writing with a minor in African and African American studies.

Sandra Mendez
Sandra Mendez
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Sandra Mendez is a senior Sociology major.

David Wilson
David Wilson
Photo Editor

David Wilson is a Media Arts Major and Junior at NJCU. His interests include playing musical instruments, writing poetry, photography, and gaming.


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