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Financial Crisis Aftermath: Hey! What Happened to My Classes?

Rasec Ventura, Contributing Writer February 21, 2024

After the long troubles that NJCU has had with its money, the college is now finally getting the chance to recover from the major financial crisis it had. Known as “retiring” or “discontinuing”...

Picture of soggy, raw chicken tenders bought by Tia Warren


Kendry Hilario and Tia Warren February 12, 2024

Students have voiced complaints about the quality of food served in the GSUB cafeteria. NJCU student Jade Rodriguez, has created a petition that has surpassed 150 signatures from dorm students thus far....

Photo of Hepburn Hall taken by Tia Warren

We will not wait for the next school shooting

Student Organizers January 24, 2024

Students are taught to love a country that values guns over our lives. Some of us hear the sound of gunfire when we watch fireworks on the fourth of July, or when we watch a drumline performance at...

Photo from the movie M

M: Absence of Sound

Rasec Ventura, Contributing Writer November 2, 2023

If there’s one absurdly necessary thing in the films we watch today, it’s sound. Long gone are the days of silent films. Instead, we now have films that use sound in many ways, whether for mood, themes,...

Multiple Out-of-Order Elevators Cause Unwanted Exercise Around Campus

Multiple Out-of-Order Elevators Cause Unwanted Exercise Around Campus

Jaren Couvertier, Contributing Writer May 9, 2023

As students move from one building to another, they are facing a new challenge at the college campus - the elevators! Several elevators around the campus have been out of order throughout the semester,...

Abortion Rights And Privacy Laws

Abortion Rights And Privacy Laws

Grace Perez November 7, 2022

Across the nation, women of all creeds and ages swiftly felt the consequences of the Supreme Court’s latest decision which overturned the historic Roe v. Wade case. In thirteen states, “trigger laws”...

Album cover for Midnights. Photo
courtesy of Taylor Swift/Republic Records.

Taylor Swift’s Midnights Hits Different

Grace Perez November 4, 2022

Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album is finally out and needless to say, it has shocked her listeners once again. In fact, Midnights broke the Spotify record for the most streamed album in a single day....

“Women! Life! Freedom!” Iranian Women Protest Repressive Regime

“Women! Life! Freedom!” Iranian Women Protest Repressive Regime

Grace Perez October 31, 2022

Only 22-years-old, Mahsa Amini’s brutal death at the hands of Iran’s morality police has sparked protests across the country. According to the Iranian government, Amini was arrested for a dress code...

Ceiling pane removed due to leaks in Fries 146.

The Continued Rapid Decline In Fries Hall’s Infrastructure

Nick Camejo October 27, 2022

With many of The Gothic Times Staff being Media Arts students, we can’t help but wonder why yet another semester has started and the Media Arts building, Fries Hall, continues to fall apart. Last...

Euphoria is a high school drama that was released in 2019 starring Zendaya, who portrays a teenage drug addict by the name of Rue. Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO.

The Unhappiness of “Euphoria”

Anthony Vinci, Contributing Writer June 22, 2022

Bravery can come in many different forms. Historically speaking, maybe a brave person is someone who fought at the front lines for their freedom. This is nothing compared to the true bravery it took for...

Taylor Swift’s rerecordings feature the same songs, same stories, same lyrics, but are told differently. Album cover for Red (Taylor’s Version). Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift/Republic Records.

I Remember It All Too Well: The Lasting Impact of Taylor’s Music

Monica Ortiz, Contributing Writer May 12, 2022

Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album technically begins and ends with the same song. “State of Grace” opens the album with a loud and upbeat pop-rock track about the trials and tribulations of love...

Junk journal spread.
Photo by DeVoe.

A Different Kind Of Scrapbooking

Julie Marie Frances DeVoe, Copy Editor March 28, 2022

Junk-journaling is a hot new trend, but for me, it has brought some calmness from my busy days. In my eyes, it is merely the combination of scrapbooking and journaling. People can make their spreads...

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