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A photo of Taylor Swift from the photoshoot for the album cover of Red (Taylors Version). Photo Credit: Beth Garrabrant

It’s All Too Well: How (Taylor’s Version) Has Taken Over the Charts

Grace Perez, Contributing Writer November 16, 2021

Ever since she was 15 years old writing song lyrics on napkins during high school, Taylor Swift has shown the world her immense talent and business skills. Owning her music is important to her, to any...

A performance from Symphony of Winds and Percussion. Photo Courtesy of Patrick Burns.

NJCU Symphony of Winds and Percussion: Remembrance

Nick Camejo, Arts & Entertainment Editor November 10, 2021

The NJCU Symphony of Winds and Percussion will be performing multiple works from a variety of composers focusing on the theme of Remembrance. The free performances will be on Tuesday, November 23rd at...

DeSouza displays herself artistically in a state of freedom, with doves surrounding her and the sun high in the sky.

Turning Hardships into Art: Sungsoon DeSouza

M. Blessing Akeju, Contributing Writer September 29, 2021

Sungsoon DeSouza transformed her childhood adversities into a series of stunning, emotional drawings and displayed them during the NJCU BFA 2021 Thesis Exhibition. Her pieces portray scenes from her...

Ted Kim’s mural drawn by sharpie. Photo by David Wilson.

The Mind of Artist Ted Kim

Nicholas Felix, Features Editor September 23, 2021

One of our city’s best gems to explore is the arts center Mana Contemporary. An easy walk from Journal Square, it features artists from around the country. Implied Scale: Confronting the Enormity...

Black Widow character posters with stars David Harbour, Scarlett Johansson, and Florence Pugh. Photo Courtesy of The Direct/Marvel Studios [Fair Use].

A Daughter, A Sister, An Avenger

Nick Camejo, Arts & Entertainment Editor July 22, 2021

After almost a decade of Avenger films and a pandemic-related release delay, the mysteries surrounding Black Widow are finally solved and diehard fans, such as myself, won't be disappointed.  Since...

Palmroot Exhibit. Art by Jaz Graf.

Ancestral Ties In Art

Julie Marie Frances DeVoe, Copy Editor May 21, 2021

Jaz Graf, is an artist whose work was featured in NJCU’s Virtual Studio Visit called: The Art and (Im)Possibilities of Belonging, “Art is a space where we can find that sense of belonging.” The...

Ice Cube, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Morris Chestnut. Photo courtesy of WikiMedia Commons.

Boyz N The Hood Nearly Thirty Years Later

Paul Tannucilli, Contributing Writer May 5, 2021

John Singleton released his worldwide sensation Boyz n the Hood back in 1991, but the message he sends is still relevant today. Twenty-nine years ago, Singleton set out to make a film that would tell...

Javicia Leslie as the new Batwoman. Fair use of CW Network

From Othello to Batwoman: Representation Matters

Nicholas Felix, Features Editor April 2, 2021

The new season of the television show Batwoman brings a huge change as the character is now portrayed by a Black, lesbian, and Jewish actress, Javicia Leslie. Unfortunately, Leslie and the production team...

The cover of The Sight, a novel by David Clement-Davies

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For “The Sight”

Ariana Perez, Contributing Writer March 2, 2021

It was a mid-summer and I was on vacation with my parents in West Virginia. On our way to lunch, we found a small bookstore filled floor to ceiling with books of all kinds. We spent quite a while in...

The summer themed basketball painting by Slaby. Photo courtesy of Deep Space / Artsy.

Slow Summer Macadam: Summer’s Not Over Yet!

Katherine Reyes, Contributing Writer November 23, 2020

With winter right around the corner,  Deep Space Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Jersey City, is featuring “Slow Summer Macadam”-- a summer-themed art show for the month of November. With...

The cast of the tv series Selena starring Christian Serratos as the star. Photo Courtesy of Campanario Entertainment and Q-Productions with Netflix

SELENA: The Heart of Texas

Arianna Bianciella, Contributing Writer November 18, 2020

Remembered as La Flor and favored by the Corpus Christi community for her love of white roses and striking voice, Selena Quintanilla, a Tejano legend torn from society when she was ready to reach stardom...

Poster for Marvels Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson. Photo courtesy of Marvel Entertainment [Fair Use].

Black Widow (2021) Is Marvel’s Apology To Natasha Romanoff

Monica Ortiz, Contributing Writer November 13, 2020

Since her film debut in Iron Man 2, fans have wanted a Black Widow solo movie. She was a character that was just beginning to be explored more, from the initial teasing of her dark past during her interrogation...

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