NJCU student has COVID-19


Photo of the West Campus Village dorm. Photo by Brianna Evans.

Kenise Brown, Editor-in-Chief

A student has tested positive with the COVID-19 virus but was reported to not be showing any symptoms. The student has returned home and is no longer on campus. President Sue Henderson made the announcement on Sunday.

The student was a resident at the West Campus Village dorm and was last located there on March 21st. The student then returned home on March 27th. 

The student’s roommate had already left campus but was notified of the situation. 

In taking precautions and care of this matter, a friend of the student who also has no symptoms was required to self quarantine in the dorm for two weeks. 

As the University works with local health authorities, the room where the student resided will be “cleaned and disinfected, as are common areas throughout the building.”

The staff at Residence Life will continue to make sure students are being taken care of. 

In the meantime, Henderson recommends the entire NJCU community to continue the guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The guidelines are as follows: 

 –Wash your hands often

 — Avoid close contact

 — Stay home if you are sick

 — Clean and disinfect frequently touched areas.