Gothic Times Photo Challenge Spring 2020


David Wilson, Photo Editor

Hello Students! Welcome to The Gothic Times Photo Challenge Spring 2020.
Please social distance while taking photos. There will be two categories.

Category 1- Inside Environment, how are you dealing with boredom and
online classes while being at home?

Category 2- Outside Environment, how is the scenery outside? What
landmarks do you see? What basic outdoor activities can you do while being

These are basic guidelines but don’t be afraid to expand on them. Photos will
be selected based on content, composition, and creativity. The winning photo
for each category will receive a $50 Visa E-Gift Card via email.
If using a smart phone please use the default PNG or JPEG format. If using a
digital camera please use JPEG format and at least Normal picture quality.
Please submit photos by email to [email protected] with a subject
line of GT Photo Challenge Spring 2020. Also, please share your entries to
social media using the hashtag #GothicTimesPhotoChallenge. Thank you for
participating! Good Luck!!