The Lesser of Two Evils is Still Evil


Joe Biden speaking at the 2019 Gun Sense Forum in Iowa. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore/ Flickr.

Nevin Perkins, Op/Ed Editor

Look I get it, it is election time. We are in the middle of a pandemic that has been severely miss-managed by the current administration.

Fear-mongering fueled by insidious hate-speech has caused the curtains to open on an ugliness in America that has long since been visible to those who have been forced to bear the brunt of it. Our streets within various states are near war between those who are vocal about injustice and those sanctioned by the state to repress uprisings.

Facism is a word new to many Americans as it is being used by the left to describe the current administration. America under the presidency of Donald Trump is America filled with neglect, violence, hate, and lies. This is true.

However, if we are to follow politics just a little harder than what’s on the surface, we can see that our other national candidate, Joe Biden is just as much of a bigot as Donald Trump.

What is also clear is that the left, despite symbolic rhetoric, and unifying aesthetics, has also betrayed the masses of Americans. 

Joe Biden, or uncle Joe as folks have likened to calling him following his Vice Presidency in the Obama administration, has had a lengthy political career extending through decades and different socio-political climates. For a man who has always claimed to be a moderate centrist politician, his career has been rinsed in the hope of making him a left-leaning Democratic champion. Let us revisit the Joe Biden of each decade of his political career and see if it matches up to his current identity.


1976Joe Biden worked further anti-abortion legislation.

1977-Joe Biden was a strong advocate against busing integration. 

1979- Joe Biden voted against abolishing the Electoral College, which serves as a gap between the people and full election fairness.


1984Joe Biden pushed to make cuts to Social Security. 

1989-Joe Biden worked to push the War On Drugs. 


1991-Joe Biden advocated for troops at the border.

1994-Joe Biden wrote the 1994 Crime Bill. 

1996-Joe Biden worked against the rights of the LGBTQ community.

Decade after decade Democratic nominee Joe Biden has placed himself on the wrong side of progressive history. One could propose the argument that people change, but that would be awarding more leniency to a politician who has been swift in his attempt to neutralize the rights of the American people. Perhaps these are offenses that an individual cannot change from. Many of the wrongdoings of Biden’s political career would cause the average American to gasp with shock.

Yet many, by the millions, are championing him as the end to fascism at our door in America. If one were to close their eyes and listen to this record being read out loud, they’d be quick to suggest it belonging to a Republican. What does this say about the American democracy that an individual whose political history screams racist, sexist, and elitist, being propped up to remove an administration whose current actions embody the same wrongdoings?

Is democracy even present in America? We the people of the United States have constantly been pushed into voting for the lesser of two evils when in reality evil is evil and in cases like this one here there is not much distinction between the two evils being presented. I’m not telling you who to vote for or not to vote at all. I just thought some clarity was needed on the lack of distinction between our two political party candidates.