Q&A With Kenise Brown

Editor-in-Chief Will Graduate This June


Editor-in-Chief, Kenise Brown.

Nick Camejo

GT: What are you most looking forward to about graduation?

Kenise Brown: I am looking forward to walking on a stage, grabbing my diploma, and saying ‘I did it.’ I am free from college, so I don’t have to worry about studying and taking tests anymore. I just want to be free from it all and move on.


GT: What made you want to get involved in The Gothic Times?

KB: The Gothic Times changed my entire experience of college. I was introduced to journalism in high school. After high school, I didn’t want to do it anymore because it was a lot of work.  In my sophomore year of college, I applied for work-study and ended up at The Gothic Times. I didn’t know what it was or researched it before coming to the interview. When I stepped my foot in the door for the interview, my mouth dropped as I saw multiple stacks of newspapers. Overall the adviser (Theta)  was excited to have someone who had some experience in Journalism and made me news-editor on the spot.”

GT: What advice would you give to current students at NJCU?

KB: Always try new things. Open your life to new opportunities. You don’t know where it could lead you to. I went from the news editor to editor-in-chief in one year. Broaden your experience and never be afraid to try new things.


GT: What are your plans after graduation?

KB: After college, I plan to publish my own children’s book. I always had a love for it. I want to be a part of this new generation’s life and publish books and TV shows one day. After that, I want to turn the book(s) into short films and then create more magic for the younger generation. I am also planning family comedy films. I want to create happiness for African-American people and create films for them. Different colors, different sizes, and diversity for the black community is what I am striving to show. I want to highlight African-American people correctly, especially for young girls and women. We are more than just a black girl wearing an afro. Many children’s shows and books have African-American girls with their hair in a bun or a ponytail as well and not the unique hairstyles we are known to have.  I want to show people that there’s more to that.


GT: How do you think the pandemic is going to impact your job search?

KB: I think I can find a job, even with the pandemic still around. I have been taking classes outside of NJCU and I want to start my own brand. I have been saving a lot of money since college and I plan to use it wisely.


GT: Any additional thoughts?

KB: “Journalism is not a scary occupation. There are people throughout the entire world that risk their lives to publish the facts of their city, state, and the world. When you publish an article, you are telling the facts and letting the world know what’s going on whether interesting or important. You can not be scared to address the facts. We can be able to impact the environment we are in as journalists.”