Tensions Arise at the October SGA Meeting

SGAs logo. Photo courtesy of SGA.

SGA’s logo. Photo courtesy of SGA.

Monica Ortiz, Contributing Writer

During the second Student Government Association (SGA) meeting of the fall 2021 semester, threats of protests came from one of the students in the audience.  Henderson received a vote of no confidence on September 27, with 30 senators who voted yes and 23 who voted no.

At the SGA meeting, Laney Fox, who is the student-senator-at-large for the University Senate, gave an update on the situation with Henderson. She said that Henderson allegedly used campus credit cards on limos, luxury hotels, and Indian restaurants. This led to confused and concerned murmuring in the audience and one student threatened to protest. “So, my tuition is being used on limos and hotels?” the student in the audience exclaimed.

SGA then formally denounced any form of protest against the NJCU president. SGA explained that the public still does not know the context behind this spending and therefore cannot speak to it. They explained that the university was already in debt before Henderson took office, so it is not fair to put the blame on her.

The meeting also provided other updates. Alan Cruz, the executive vice president, announced updates on Gilligan Student Union Building (GSUB). Every Friday, there will be a committee in GSUB in the room, and students are encouraged to attend. Alex Platonov, vice president of Finance and Administration, announced that the SGA budget is now officially $348,484.

The pass/fail option will go back to normal this semester since most classes are back in person. Ameelah Carvin, vice president of Internal Affairs, announced that she will be meeting with Gourmet Dining after multiple students complained that they were receiving food that was not up to standards, more specifically receiving chicken that was pink in the middle from not being cooked properly.

A survey was recently sent to students’ emails regarding the quality of the food being served by Gourmet Dining. There are also new clubs on campus including the Pre-Dental Club, Save The Earth Club, Test Prep Club, and The American Society of Science and Microbiology.

The next SGA meeting will be on Monday, November 8 at 2:30 PM in GSUB room 146.