Station Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

Everyone gets tired after a long day, and there are very few games that are made to help people relax. This list is of quick and easily accessible mobile games that are simple and relaxing to play after any long day, or in the quiet moments in between.

  1. Hello Yogurt by LoadComplete

In this slow-paced rhythm game, you play as a yogurt cell making its way through the digestive track after a scientist begins research on how to use yogurt to prolong lifespans. You bounce your way through different body parts, collecting coins and evolving to go further into the human body. This bright, stylized game has a chill soundtrack, easy mechanics, and an educational side plot (if you’re into biology)!

  1. Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook! by Office Create Corp.

If you’re a fan of the Cooking Mama franchise, you’ll love this mobile version! It has all the fun, mini-game styled mechanics of cooking in the original game and a ton more features where you get to run a restaurant, go camping, farm, and more! Unlock all the nostalgic recipes you remember while having a fun and bright way to melt away stress.

  1. Tomb of the Mask by Playgendary Limited

Reflexes and puzzle solving is the name of this 8-bit styled maze game. Explore through dungeons collecting stars, coins, and “dots” to level up and unlock new skins to play in. If you get tired of a certain level, you can play the infinite mode and build up your skill as you try to stay ahead of a rising wave.

  1. Dadish by Thomas K Young

This simple platformer follows a radish trying to track down his hoard of children through different worlds. This genuinely funny and lighthearted game uses simple puzzles and mechanics to create a sweet, simple, and great game for any fan of platformers.

  1. TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! By oridio

This tycoon 16-bit game allows you to open your own museum, using your resources to excavate and discover fossils to put on display and earn money to expand and discover more. This simple, stylized game is perfect for those times where you don’t want to think too hard about a game or its mechanics.

  1. Cats & Soup by HIDEA

This adorable tycoon game follows a group of cats making and selling soup from the woods. Expand your shop, make different foods, and collect and dress cats to run your business! The art style, interactive relationships with the cats, and the beyond cute premise can hook any animal lover into playing on any bad day.

  1. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp by Nintendo

Any fan of the Animal Crossing franchise knows about the relaxed, happy-go-lucky nature of the games. Well now, it’s available on the go! Run a campground and make cute animal friends, collect furniture, outfits, and resources, and invite friends to hang out for fun minigames in nature.

  1. Bitlife by Candywriter, LLC

Live any life you want from beginning to end in this hilarious and randomized game. Manage life year by year, balancing relationships, jobs, hobbies, and assets while you achieve all your wildest dreams or craziest fantasies. Living through a few quick lives with Bitlife is a fun and lighthearted way to take a break from the stress of your own.

  1. Old Friends by Runaway

Any dog lover will tell you about what a gift elderly dogs are. Well, in this game, those gifts are the focus. You run a sanctuary for old dogs, adopting them, running internet streams to gather supplies for them, and customizing your place to make it feel like home for your fuzzy friends.

  1. Card Thief by Arnold Rauers

For fans of card-based games, Card Thief is the perfect, slow-tempo mix of strategy and stealth. Sneak through various locations, stealing treasure, and dodging enemies with just a deck of cards to get you from place to place. This surprisingly addicting game is an incredible find for people with a love of cards, dark aesthetics, and quick matches.