CAPSTONE: A History of Blockbuster Performances

By Alexandra Bardinas —

The Attic Ensemble has been entertaining Jersey City for Decades with incredible works of art. Most of the material performed is gritty, and as far from commercial as imaginable. Some, however, have managed to hit a note with theater goers, readers, and movie lovers. Here are a few of their most famous choices:

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Based on a novel of the same name, a pair of French aristocrats who are former flames now get their kicks out of humiliating and tricking others through sex.

Steel Magnolias

A dramedy that follows six southern women who are connected through a small town beauty salon and the life changing events that happen through three years. Based on the author’s real life tragedy of the death of his sister.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Legendary Playwright David Mamet’s masterpiece which follows four Chicago Real Estate agents over a span of two days and the desperation that ensues when they learn that they are fighting to keep their jobs. Based on Mamet’s own experience as a Real Estate Agent in Chicago.

The Sisers Rosensweig

Wendy Wasserstein’s love letter to middle aged women, which tells the story of three Jewish sisters and the comedy that befalls their everyday as they search for enjoyment in their lives.


A David Auburn drama which follows Catherine, who is the daughter of Robert, a professor and math whiz that has recently passed. Catherine, who has inherited both her father’s gift for math and mental illness, must prove ownership for a critical piece of math knowledge found in her father’s office.

The Bad Seed

Based on a novel of the same name, Maxwell Anderson’s thriller tells the story of a sociopathic 8 year girl and her mother’s realization that she is, indeed, responsible for a string of murders.

Forever Plaid

An homage to the guy groups of 50’s and 60’s, Forever Plaid follows a group of high school boys who dream of hitting it big when tragedy strikes, and they are killed in a bus crash while driving to see the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. The boys are given a second chance at success at return from the dead to perform.

Fuddy Meers

David Lindsay-Abaire’s comedy about a Claire, a woman who suffers from Amnesia and must start each day with no memory of the previous day’s occurrences. Claire is kidnapped by a man with a limp who insists that Claire’s husband is trying to kill her. The play takes the audience through one twist after another until the true nature of those surrounding Claire is slowly revealed to her.

A View from the Bridge

Arthur Miller’s shocking drama about Eddie, a longshoreman of Italian descent living around the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. The play follows Eddie as he develops romantic feelings for his niece, Catherine, and his struggle to deal with these feelings. The drama unfolds as Catherine begins seeing Rudulfo, Eddie’s wife’s cousin, at Eddie’s disapproval.