Pippin Lights Up The Stage


The cast of Pippin. This is the first time NJCU’s Music, Dance, and Theater Department collaborated with student dancers from the Joffrey Ballet. Photo by the Music, Dance, and Theatre Department.

Ivana Estime

Pippin is a comedic musical which opened last weekend at NJCU. It’s a spicy tale of a young man (played by Damon Porter) searching for fulfillment in life. Even though he is a prince who lives in a castle, he finds his life bland and boring.

Part of his journey is learning to appreciate the simple things in life.The character called The Leading Player (played by Qawiyya Haqq) tries to guide him, as does his grandmother. Along the way, Pippin tries fighting in a war with his father the king, and then tries having sex with lots of people.

Pippin falls into the grasp of a lonely widow after she finds him in the middle of the road. Will this widow help him on the path of an extraordinary life?

This is the first performance where NJCU’s Music, Dance, and Theatre Department collaborated with student dancers from the Joffrey Ballet. The dancers added a dazzling touch similar to the stage presence of Rockettes.

The show was spectacular and the stage presence of the cast shone brighter than the stage lights.

You can still catch the show this weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Get your tickets here.