A Message from President Thyquel Halley, SGA

Greetings fellow Gothic Knights,

A series of events have taken place this week that highlights NJCU’s institutional issues but also play a part in a bigger picture that disproportionately affects people of color nationwide.

On Monday, the Board of Trustees held its first meeting of the semester. At this meeting, Benjamin Rhodin gave an update on enrollment. Enrollment is down and that’s no secret but we also have low reporting numbers with students of color; specifically males. After Mr. Rhodin’s update, he opened to questions in which the Board Chair Joseph Scott and he exchanged some dialogue about why numbers for male students of color were so low. During this exchange, a black male student raised his hand to ask a question/give input on this matter. The Board Secretary Andres Acebo denied the student’s request to ask his question. The student then left the meeting when staff, faculty, and members of administration went into the hallway with sympathy and apologies. However, they already refused to let him speak and after all, that took place still did not give him the opportunity to speak.

In my remarks at the Board Meeting, I expressed my disappointment and told the board and administration, and stated “you wonder why you have an issue with male students of color.”

I followed up with these same sentiments through a video posted on SGA’s Instagram yesterday with a call for ALL STUDENTS to advocate for themselves and make sure they have their voices heard.

Today, a directive came to SGA that the video was to be removed immediately. My team was pressured to take down the video from Instagram. This video had 3,527 views, 100+ reposts, and a plethora of likes, comments, and DM’s from students, the community, and other schools with support.

Yet again another way to silence the student’s voice, the student of color’s voice, the black male student of color’s voice. I’ve publically advocated for Dreamer & DACA students, commuter students, Latinx/Hispanic students, resident students, and more – yet when I speak up for black male students there is an issue.

I was elected to be a voice for all students, represent students, and serve students. The administration is more concerned with their convenience than what’s right for students. This must end!

​Administration, don’t worry…you will soon hear my voice and the voice of all students.


Thyquel M. Halley
Student Government Association President