Multiple Out-of-Order Elevators Cause Unwanted Exercise Around Campus


Jaren Couvertier, Contributing Writer

As students move from one building to another, they are facing a new challenge at the college campus – the elevators! Several elevators around the campus have been out of order throughout the semester, leaving students and faculty members struggling to make it to their classes. When they do get there they spend the first few moments of class trying to catch their breath, especially those who have classes on the higher floors.

According to campus officials, the elevators in various buildings have been malfunctioning for the past semester. Due to this, many students have been forced to take the stairs, which can be exhausting, especially for those with disabilities or carrying heavy bags. The cause of the situation can only be assumed to be due to a lack of staff, who are most likely
stationed in places that require their immediate attention. Any attempt to fix the elevators are temporary at best because when one gets fixed, two more are stuck with the ‘out-of-order’ sign so many of us dread to see.

For instance, here in West Campus Village, the rightmost elevator has been out of order for a long time causing students who live on the 4th floor to wait longer for the one functioning elevator. Thankfully it has since been repaired after many months of students complaining.

The elevator in G-sub was also repaired after being down for most of the semester. Most of the elevators on campus were fixed but that does not excuse the fact that these elevators were down for way longer than they should have.

It’s understandable that the campus requires round-the-clock maintenance for many things but the way in which students get to class on time should be the number one priority, right? Luckily the out-of-order signs are beginning to disappear with each passing week so students no longer have to worry about getting their steps in early in the morning. At least one good thing was taken from this since several students have reported that they get more exercise
on these stairs than they do with their gym membership.