Simply Feel Better

By Francis A. Wilson—

Life, the cruel mistress that taunts us all, has a habit of wearing us all down. The day to day operations, the stress, school, and natural forces like gravity all play a role on our bodies, and a negative one at that. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that could melt away some of that sore joints, or chip away at the stress, or even relieve some of those chronic pains? Well, believe it or not, there is.

Simply Feel Better is an independently run business currently offering its services to the New Jersey City University Campus in room 107 of Vodra Hall at the Health and Wellness Center. The service offers a variety of natural methods for healing, and the overall betterment of both body and mind.

Simply Feel Better is the brainchild of Carol Crystal, and its services include natural healing techniques that range from stretching, massage therapy, and other natural techniques. Crystal has been in practice since 2000, and has been on campus for three years now.
The ultimate goal is healing.The kind of healing that stresses the use of natural methods that do not require drugs or surgery. And if you are wondering, the massage is fully clothed and does not require the use of oils.

“I use the body’s natural healing, and educate on how the body works” Crystal said. The emphasis is healing, but more importantly, the kind of healing that can be taught and maintained. What is the point of going to the gym, or dieting if you don’t see any results, or can’t keep up the progress for yourself? Each session is tailored to the individual, and is unique. The sessions are all different depending on the person involved, and the area of focus in question.

“It is a community issue for me, keeping people healthy”, Crystal said. The work isn’t about the money, but rather the health and wellbeing of the people who need it. Crystal also admits that the service is also an excellent venue to also verbally vent stress, “I don’t give advice, I just listen.”

So you can also balance the body, as well as, the mind while gaining pertinent information that will help you understand how your body works, but also how you can make it better.
The service is by appointment only, and scheduling can be made by contacting Carol Crystal directly at (201) 913-2864. Emailing is also available, and Crystal can be contacted by emailing Ceeceecrystal The hours of operations are from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Mondays, and Mondays only.

The services included run for twenty dollars for thirty minutes. The price is a steal considering the level of therapy, and the usual eighty five dollar going rate which is charged normally. The difference is there, the quality is there, Crystal is there, so why aren’t you? Stop by, and put a stop to the aches, pains, and stress. It is time to get healthy, and learn how to stay that way.