Interracial relationships and their issues

One student’s story of interracial marriage—

By Latifah Miles

In his first book titled “My Interracial Marriage Struggles,” NJCU student Niz Kamal, 34, Jersey City, gives his two cents about interracial relationships.

Niz was inspired to write his book by his experience with being in an interracial marriage. He says that combining his Indian culture with his wife’s Polish culture has been all about compromise.

“I’ve been married for six years and it is not easy. Food is different, raising children is different, and religion is different. It is not for everyone and needs compromise.”

Niz outlines the struggles, compromises, and love that are involved in interracial marriages and makes it clear in his book that he is not encouraging or discouraging interracial relationships. “Some people love it and some people will only marry in their race. [The book] is not about promoting or opposing it. I wrote it to show what interracial marriage is about. My joys, struggles, and fun about my marriage.”

Niz’s interracial marriage has raised a few eyebrows and caused confusion during day to day activities. When he and his wife stand in the line at the grocery store, Niz says that they are treated like two separate entities. The cashier will often times automatically assume they are not together.

While the book is still fresh off the press, Niz is already plotting his next move. He wants to share his experience with raising his interracial two year old daughter. “I’ve been talking about writing about how to raise an interracial child. Like what to teach her, what language to speak at home. Like Barack Obama. I would love to ask him about his experience.” Much like marriage, raising their daughter has been based on compromise and that will come through in his next book.

Niz’s best advice for anyone that is considering an interracial relationship is that it is very difficult, takes compromise, but well worth it. “It is not easy. If you are not a person that can compromise, it will not work out. It’s not bad at all but it is very hard and not for everyone.”

“My Interracial Marriage Struggles” can be purchased at and Barnes and Noble Booksellers.