50 Shades Meets Judy Blume

By Latifah Miles—

Over the years, bookstores and publishing companies have tailored their book genres to fit their customers. In the past 4 years, Barnes and Nobles booksellers have recognized the need for their teen book section to be departmentalized for more specific interests. The general teen section that is designated for the 14 to 20 year old crowd has been transformed in to “Teen”, “Fantasy & Adventure”, “Paranormal Romance”, and “Teen Non-fiction”. Recently, a new genre has been introduced to make shopping for books even more complicated—or convenient depending on how you look at it. This genre, referred to as “New Adult” is a sultry mix between 50 Shades of Gray and Judy Blume!

Can you see it?

Well the genre is still in its infancy and seeks to appease the 20 something that is looking for a sexy coming of age after you’ve come of age story.

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