The Heart of Jersey City Art

By Ella Gordon—

Walking down the vibrating street, the sound gets louder and louder. The bass of the speakers vibrate through my body, as I get closer to it. One block away I can hear someone signing, see people dancing, lots of colors are floating around. What is going on? There are tents set up that are serving food and beer and there are people dancing to the beat of the drums. There’s a random refrigerator in the middle with the words “carbon footprint” written on it. Everyone is encouraged to come, dance, and tag the refrigerators. This is ultimately the very essence of what Jersey City is becoming – Creative Grove.

Creative Grove began in 2009 by Art in Action executive director, Uta Brauser. Described as “a meeting place, market, art experiment and scene that involves the public, promotes art and culture, and builds community space as a forum for dialogue and exchange. A destination and place to relax, play and express yourself,” Creative Grove begins in early spring and runs for 42 Fridays after. It is held in the heart of Downtown Jersey City at the Grove Street Path Plaza. The goal of the market is to bring the creative Jersey City together in one place and have an outlet for artist to display their work. The market features live music, food, arts and crafts, and live installations including the refrigerators that are to be a reminder of the carbon footprint we leave behind. Also to promote green, Uta is hoping to eventually have a pedal-power charger: “Pedal power is a great green proposal and a real approach to renewable energy.”

“Creative Grove is a fantastic place for buying art, supporting local entrepreneurs, or just hanging out. Take in the music, watch people painting, dancing and laughing. What better way to spend a Friday afternoon? BRAVO!” says Executive Director of Art House Productions, another Jersey City based art gallery in charge of plenty of cultural affairs.

Creative Grove is helping Jersey City’s art scene to flourish. “I think if Newark Avenue continues to re-vamp it’s image events like this will continue to flourish and grow which can only be a good thing for the people that make JC their home” says Jersey City resident and frequenter of Creative Grove, Mitchell. The market is helping to boost local businesses and the cultural appeal of Jersey City.

Whatever the case, it’s a fantastic place to grab a cup of Joe, meet up with some friends, see talented and fantastic art and take in all the creativity of Jersey City.

Creative Grove is held every Friday from 3:00pm until 9:00pm at the Grove Street Path Plaza. Be sure to say hello to the wonderful pink-dreadlocked founder, Uta Brauser.




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