Welcome Scott Siegel: Meet Our New SGO Advisor

New SGO advisor Scott Siegel looks forward to supporting student leaders in the SGO.  Photo by Dakota Santiago
New SGO advisor Scott Siegel looks forward to supporting student leaders in the SGO. Photo by Dakota Santiago

By Jenna Szymanski

In the middle of the fall 2013 semester, NJCU welcomed a new face to its administration. Scott Siegel, 27, became the new Student Government Organization (SGO) advisor.

“It’s no secret that I came into the fall semester late. It’s also no secret that I was hired into a position that has not seen an advisor hold the seat for more than two years for quite some time,” said Siegel. With his solid history of working in higher education, Siegel was ready for this challenge.

Prior to working at NJCU, Siegel worked in college admissions from 2008 to 2013. Siegel originally wanted to work in advertising; but after being involved with student government in his own college, he developed a passion for higher education.

“As an undergraduate student, I was class president for all four years and it had a huge impact on how I grew as an individual. It also was one of the factors that led me to the field of higher education and student affairs. Thanks to my mentor in college, I recognized that having a career where helping college students grow and succeed was possible. I made it my life mission to be able to help college students learn, grow and become who they want to be, just like I was guided in the same fashion. I was thrilled when I realized that most students from NJCU shared my own college experience,” said Scott.

“Scott and I have known each other for a while, now. I worked at the college that Scott was an undergrad at. I’m a big fan of Scott’s. He’s going to do great things in his position,” said Jeffrey Dessources, Assistant Director of Campus Life.

On days when Siegel is not on campus, he is either eating at Panera Bread, shopping at Express, traveling, watching his favorite television shows, or relaxing. “When my friends and family think ‘Scott,’ they automatically associate me with going to Target and being an obsessive Yankee fan,” said Siegel. Being that his hometown is Bronx, NY, this comes as no surprise.

As a word of advice to all students, Siegel said, “I encourage all students to take advantage of the numerous ways to get involved in SGO, SGO activities and the clubs for the remainder of the semester.” In an attempt to connect with the student body and gain information on NJCU’s services, SGO members will be asking students on campus to fill out surveys throughout the remainder of March.

Siegel’s vision for the student government organization is that it becomes a representative democracy. “I want to ensure that SGO will give its student leaders the proper support and skill sets to grow into strong professionals ready to impact the world,” Siegel said. “Change is a lightning-rod word and often includes bumps along the way; but a slow and steady diet of it can help bring a great organization like NJCU’s SGO to the next level.”