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By Diana DeJesus

So you want to chase your dreams of life in the limelight or exclusive clientele, but you are just starting out?  You know what this means right?  You will spend hours mastering your craft before you are paid for it, but the bills won’t stop knockin’.    There are websites for folks who are looking for a short term, flexible, no-experience-required kind of jobs.   Just like everything else, you can find these jobs online.

Fiverr claims to be “The world’s largest marketplace for services starting at $5.”  There are many artists offering services on  You can order custom jewelry, voiceovers by voice actors,  personalized cartoons and comics, original jingles by musicians, custom paintings and cover letters all starting at $5.  If you have a talent to offer, try Fiverr.  Let’s use the term “talent” loosely on Fiverr.

Craigslist is easy to navigate! Locate your city on the list under your state name and click on “Miscellaneous” under the Jobs category.  Use it with caution, and you may be able to make an honest day’s pay.

The options vary from day to day, but you can often find basic assignments that won’t distract you too much from your real goals.  You can earn some cash as a day laborer, cleaning out or boxing up an old home, get hired for a catering job of an outdoor private party, dress up like a clown for a children’s event, or file papers on a 4 day assignment for $200.  There are plenty of editing requests in the writing section for recent English majors who are hungry for experience.

Craigslist is made up of community boards where people buy sell, meet, offer, and complain.  It can be a good place to earn a few dollars.  If you have anything to sell you can throw it up on the for sale section and wait for an email or call.

Task Rabbit is a place where people will pay you to run errands or take care of small projects for them.  You can make $30 to stand in line to hold a spot for an exclusive product, like sneakers, or  use your own pickup truck to deliver an item of furniture.  There are job offers like typing up a 50 page assignments for $3 per page!   The jobs on Task Rabbit aren’t as creative as the ones you will find on Fiverr, but you can trust you will be paid.  When you are a member on Task Rabbit, previous employees can rate you, and you can rate employers on level of responsibility.

For those who work in the arts, are fresh out of college, or in between jobs, sites that offer opportunities to work can make a difference in your lifestyle. Take on life, one gig at a time!