Lessons We All Could Learn From Our Dogs

Grace Duarte, Web editor

Dogs are arguably the number one pet, followed closely by cats. Dogs’ social nature, their sheer enthusiasm for life, and the love they demonstrate for their owners have won them the title of “man (and woman)’s best friend”. Dogs are such good friends, in fact, that they can help us live longer and better.

A little over a year ago I got my first dog, a 1 month-old brown husky we named Summer, and while I have not been able to spend the whole year by his side, here are ten things I learned from watching this little puppy grow into the 60 pound wildebeest that stole my heart:

1. Do everything with a passion: act like it’s the best thing you’ve done so far, and it probably will be.

2. Greet every day with enthusiasm: cherish the good, forget the bad, learn from feedback, have a healthy routine and love the spontaneous moments.

Always ready to go!
Grace Duarte
Never miss a chance to travel!

3. Take every opportunity to see the world. It’s always good to get a little perspective.

4. Don’t let the little things disturb your sleep (stressing over that comment someone did on the pimple on your forehead won’t make it disappear, it will go away on its own so you might as well try to get your Z’s while you can).

5. Socialize a little. Is just as important for others as it is for you, and you never know when a meeting might turn to a meaningful, even life-changing connection.

6. Play while you can. This includes taking on new challenges just to prove yourself you can make things happen.

7. Be curious, and strive to satisfy that curiosity. Be persistent.

8. Enjoy the time spent with the people around you. Bask in the moment (especially if it comes with a belly rub or a back massage, don’t take those things for granted).

9. Don’t take things personal. Dad stepped on your tail, he didn’t do it on purpose. Mom took that tasty looking liquid -that turned out to be antifreeze- before you could drink it because she didn’t want you to poison yourself. Life may step on our tail, and may not always give us what we want, it happens, but it’s no good getting frustrated about that, and sometimes it’s for the better even if we don’t know it at the time.

10. Enjoy the fireworks because hey, there’s lights in the sky! Some things that sound pretty scary can actually be great; let others be afraid, you’re ready to see wonders!

PD: I know, I know, my dog’s mask makes him look permanently mad or inherently evil, but it is quite the contrary: he loves human attention and thus, the humans that come attached to it (especially when they bring treats). Small critters beware though, huskies do have a huge prey drive!