English Recognition Ceremony


Aia Khiry

Friends, family, and esteemed colleagues were welcomed to the English Recognition Ceremony on May 11th in the Gothic Lounge. The event was held to honor English majors and minors for their outstanding work.

A number of NJCU students and professors of the English Department attended the function. During the wait for awards to be handed out Professor Chris Wessman entertained guests with a little cello music. Professor Hilary Englert then welcomed the distinguished students and faculty

Professor Alina Gharabegian read from various quotes written by the English Department faculty professors about teaching at

NJCU, with sentiments ranging from “gratitude for our student’s passions” to “pride in being a part of your future.”

After the awards ceremony, I asked students who got awards questions how winning something so prestigious made them feel. Martha Hanna said, “I feel overwhelmed with a sense of joy and pride in my English major community. I had no idea and I didn’t even know what it was for. NJCU’s English Department has given me a second home. This is where I learn and grow.”

Other than speaking to several students about their achievements, I got a chance to ask professors what their thoughts were. Professor James Broderick said “This kind of ceremony is a good reminder that the study of literature is a worthy, even noble, pursuit.”

Students and faculty will continue to dedicate their time and effort to the English department. The work that has been done this year and years before will always be recognized.