NJCU’s Baseball and Softball Spring Season Will Be Starting Soon!

Kristen Hazzard, Reporter

NJCU’s Baseball and Softball teams will be starting their Spring 2017-18 season in a few weeks. Baseball starts Sunday, February 25, NJCU will play their first games against King’s College at twelve p.m. and again at three p.m. Afterwards, the team will head to Florida for the Russmatt Central Florida Invitational. The team’s first game is on Saturday, March 3rd and they will go on to play other teams until Wednesday, March 7. The team ended their 2016-17 season with 18-18 (wins-loses). Unfortunately, most of their games were postponed due to weather-related issues. The team was eligible for the playoffs during the season, but the 2017 Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Tournament was sadly not held last year. There are high hopes for this season and a chance of making it to the playoffs again.

As for softball, on Sunday, March 4, the team will start their season out in Florida for the Gene Cusic Collegiate Classic. NJCU’s first game will be at Clark University and afterward, they will go on to play other teams from March 4 until March 8. In the new season, the team will have assistant coach Marc Della Volpe as their new head coach. The girls ended their 2016-17 season with 11-25 (wins-loses). Some of their games were also postponed due to weather-related issues. The unfortunate loss to William Paterson University ended their season however with a new head coach there might be a chance the team will go further. Best of luck to the Gothic Knights’ Baseball and Softball team this year!