Unfortunate Defeat Against William Paterson

Kristen Hazzard, Reporter

After an incredible regular season, NJCU had only a few losses and nineteen memorable wins. Looking back, the Knights were considered for the NCAA Division III Tournament when they beat regionally-ranked teams. The Knights will have to wait patiently for the NCAA pairings to be announced on February 26.

On February 17, NJCU men’s basketball faced William Paterson the Pioneers in the NJAC Quarterfinals. At the start of the game, NJCU led by one point, but the Pioneers picked up a 15-point lead. William Paterson was able to keep their lead by scoring another nine points at 7:11 on the scoreboard (34-17). NJCU’s Sam Toney helped the team accelerate with 12 points (39-27) however the Pioneers won the first half with 53-32. In the second half, the Knights had a comeback with the help of Jeff Haddock, Sam Toney, Salomon Pierre and Lavrone Green. With possession of the ball they were able to get the score to 77-67. Unfortunately, the Pioneers took home the win and the Knights trailed behind with three points leaving the final score at 81-78.


NJCU faced Stockton University Ospreys in their last game of the regular season on February 14. In the first half, the Ospreys were able to dominate the scoreboard with 45-34. By the second half, NJCU was not able to have a comeback as Stockton led the game throughout the night. The Knights were able to pull a few points, but not enough to win. The Ospreys took the win 87-66.