SGO’s New Government Officials Have Been Selected

Diana Sanchez, News Editor

The student body has spoken.  NJCU has chosen their new representatives for the 2018-2019 school year.

Voting polls officially closed last night and the announcement was sent out at midnight.  A total of 1,564 votes were casted and the elected officials that will represent our student government were assigned the following seats: Rania Noubani will be the President Elect. She accumulated a total of 825 votes. Romina Generali will be the Executive Vice President. She won with a total of 730 votes. Melissa Hernandez is set to be the Vice President of Finance. She acquired a total of 804 votes in her favor. Nasir McDaniels was chosen to be the Vice President  of Internal Affairs with a total of 1007 votes. Lauren Deieso will be the Vice President of Public Information with 713 votes and Ryan Ross will be the Vice President of Student Activities pegging a total of 997 votes.