#NJCUSB Secure First Win of the Season Against Anna Maria 


Kristen Hazzard, Reporter

NJCU Softball played Anna Maria College and Elms College on March 7 in the Gene Cusic Collegiate Classic. In Game 1, the Gothic Knights took home their first win of the season after losing a majority of their games during the classic. The Gothic Knights scored in every inning, a total of fourteen runs (R), fourteen hits (H) and one error. By the fifth, NJCU defeated Anna Maria College 14-1. Juliana SqueoKayla ClarkeGianna Benacquista, and Christina Mezey scored a few hits (H), runs (R) and RBIs. Benacquista also scored her first homerun of the season. Mezey was the only player to not receive a RBI however she did collect five strikeouts (SO) and three wins (W) as pitcher. ClarkeHannah GavinDayanara Flores, and Melissa Mendoza brought in a few putouts (PO) and assists (A) as for fielding. By the top of the fifth inning, Mezey was brought in a win for the team.  

In Game 2, NJCU faced Elms College and they were unable to uphold another win. The Gothic Knights did not score to during any of the innings however the team had a total of seven hits. Fielders Flores, Benacquista, Mezey, and Arianna Scrimo brought a few assists (A) and putouts (PO) throughout the game. SqueoClarkeBenacquista, and Mendoza received a few hits (H) and at-bats (AB), but no one collected a run (R) or RBI. At the mound, Mezey had four strikeouts (SO) and five wins (W). The Gothic Knights lost 0-4.