#NJCUBB Faces Another Loss

Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCU Baseball faced Stevens Institute of Technology on March 18. The team suffered another loss for their season 5-4 (win-loss). The Gothic Knights collected two errors, four runs and seven hits in total. Nick LoGatto, Mike Albunia, Tom Pulcine and Jesse Kraft were game leaders in hitting while Kyle Kafer and Nate Facey game leaders in pitching. Albunia collected two RBIs while Kraft received one RBI and two walks (BB). Not until the bottom of the second is where NJCU collected their first point of the game with a hit by Bill Feehan which permitted Albunia to score. Jesse Kraft hit to infield which allowed for Albunia to advance and Pulcine to score in the top of the fifth. The Gothic Knights were unable to make a comeback as the score remained at 4-5 after the fifth inning. In the top of the ninth, LoGatto and Gomez both struck out. The Gothic Knights lost 4-5. Due to the Nor’easter, the team has postponed their game against St. Joseph College (Brooklyn) and will play Drew University on April 11 instead of March 22. Stay tuned here and on NJCU Gothic Knights for more information about NJCU Athletics.