#NJCUSB Collects a Win and Loss Against St. Joseph


Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCU Softball faced St. Joseph’s College (Brooklyn) twice on March 17. In Game 1, NJCU collected two errors, one run and seven hits in total. Hannah Gavin, Dayanara Flores, Gianna Benacquista,and Melissa Mendoza were game leaders in hitting while Christina Mezey was game leader in pitching. In the top of the second, Mendoza singled which allowed for Gavin to advance to third and Flores to score. Flores was the only player to receive a run (R) and Mendoza was the only player to receive an RBI in game 1. The Gothic Knights were unable to pick up another point after the second inning. The team lost 1-2.

The team had a comeback in game 2. They collected seven runs, eleven hits, and two errors in total. Christina Mezey was game leader in pitching while Hannah Gavin, Dayanara Flores, Gianna Benacquista, and Juliana Squeo game leaders in hitting. Mezey collected two RBIs, one in the fourth and another in the fifth inning. She also earned three strikeouts (SO) and ten groundouts (GO) for pitching. Gavin and Benacquista each collected two runs throughout the game. In the first inning, Benacquista scored the first point on an error. The Gothic Knights unleashed five runs in the fifth thanks to Arianna Scrimo, Benacquista, Squeo, and Dulce Almonte who made it to home plate. The Gothic Knights maintained a three-point lead after the fifth and won 7-4. The team is scheduled to play Lehman College twice on March 24. Stay tuned here and on NJCU Gothic Knights for more information about NJCU Athletics.