#NJCUBB Celebrates a Win Against Old Westbury


Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCU Baseball challenged SUNY Old Westbury on March 29.

The Gothic Knights earned ten runs, 13 hits, and one error in total. Winning pitcher of the game Anthony Zicaro received 12 hits (H), four strikeouts (SO), and five earned runs (ER). In the second, Jan Castellano singled which allowed for Jesse Kraft to score. Bill Feehan singled and Nick LoGatto scored in the top of the third. In the top of the fifth, the Gothic Knights unleashed four runs. Lenin Gomez doubled, and Feehan scored, Jesse Kraft doubled which permitted Gomez and Dan Berardi to score, and Tom Pulcine singled and Kraft scored. In the seventh, Berardi doubled which allowed for LoGatto and Pulcine to score while Gomez hit to infield and Feehan scored. The Gothic Knights won the game 10-5.

The team is scheduled to play Kean University twice on March 31. Stay tuned here and on NJCU Gothic Knightsfor more information about NJCU Athletics.