Nova Altum, BFA student exhibition opens April 8


Suehaydee Rosa, Reporter

It’s BFA seminar season for the Art Department at New Jersey City University, an exciting time for both students and faculty involved. The art department presents their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) student exhibition show every year, towards the end of the Spring semester. This years BFA exhibition is titled: “Nova Altum,” which translates from Latin to “new, from above.” There are a total of 23 students exhibiting their culmination of work and completing their BFA degrees this year.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts is a professional degree with various concentrations such as Graphic Design, Art Therapy, Art Education, and Painting/Drawing amongst others. Completion of these degrees are filled with extensive hours of studio work in the student’s chosen concentration. After graduation, students with BFA degrees go on to have successful careers in many areas like media, exhibitions, the arts, entrepreneurship and the option to further their education through a Master in Fine Arts program.

The students at NJCU’s Art Department are flourishing, showing growth and pride in their work. This BFA show will be filled with a variety of pieces such as portraiture, brand packaging, 3D prints and satirical illustrations to name a few. All decisions made towards the final production of each piece from choosing which brush to use for painting fine lines to color choices for final prints are all important to the artists. Everyone made substantial progress by utilizing open studio hours, printing lab services and feedback from mentors and fellow students.

All students are presenting an average of ten to fifteen pieces. The artists’ individual thesis for the exhibition show is based on formal artist statements presented before faculty last semester. These past few months have been key for completion, filled with countless hours of creative work, as all artists aim to put their best efforts forward.

Deborah Jack, an Associate Professor of Art – Photography and BFA Coordinator, is excited about this year’s show. “We want the community to experience this showcase to the best of our art students. We want to thank the Jersey City Office of Cultural Affairs, who helped us with the exhibition space, and the Mack-Cali group who generously donated the exhibition space. This is a wonderful example of how different sectors can come together to create a successful event for our students.”

Jack and Professor Midori Yoshimoto, director of the NJCU Art Galleries, have been working alongside the students in final preparations for the show. You can catch the opening reception on Sunday, April 8, from 3-6 p.m. at the Harborside Atrium in Jersey City. The exhibition will be open to the public through Thursday, April 26, with gallery hours from 12-6 p.m.