#NJCUBB Toppled to Fairleigh Dickerson

Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCU Baseball challenged Fairleigh Dickerson University on April 11. The Gothic Knights collected three runs, 12 hits and five errors. The team didn’t produce enough runs to secure a win.

Mike Ramirez advanced to third on a wild pitch in the fifth and scored on an error by center. Ramirez scored the first run of the game for NJCU.

In the ninth, Ramirez doubled and earned an RBI which allowed for Nick LoGatto to score. Ramirez scored with the assist from Lenin Gomez when he doubled. Gomez rapped three hits and one RBI.

Sean Gibney threw 64 pitches and lasted three innings. He collected three earned runs, five strikeouts and two walks.

The Gothic Knights loss 3-10.