Christina Mezey: The Making of an Athlete


Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

Christina Mezey is one of those athletes that played multiple sports as a kid. Whether it was softball, track, soccer, cheerleading or basketball she enjoyed it all. She tried different sports in order to find her niche. As a Jersey City native, she was brought up by parents who were athletes as well. They pushed her into sports during her childhood and she’s definitely happy they did. By the third grade, she started softball and as she got older Mezey managed to get a feel for each position.

She started out playing as third baseman but worked her way up to earn the title of pitcher in high school and college softball. At NJCU, she is the only player pitching on the roster, so she has taken on a huge role this year. To prepare for this position she pitches every day to keep her stamina the same for each game. Right now, her main focus is more on running, hitting, and pitching. When she looks back to her freshman year in college, Mezey, 21, said she had to adjust to playing college softball and to the college atmosphere. Now as a junior, she enjoys being the player that she has become. Her game has elevated as she continues to keep a clear mind and not stress the little things. Mezey said, “I want to improve more on cutting down on walks, better pitching on the mound, and getting more contact on the field.” An outsider might imagine an athlete would have a lot on their mind when they’re on the field, but when Mezey is on the mound she has learned to zone out and let everything naturally flow. She might even sing a song or two.

Her and the team stress the importance of keeping the positive energy in the dugout. Whether its singing or cheering they bring that same energy to the field. Mezey said “last year wasn’t a good season” but she’s staying positive as she strives to do better. No matter how tense the situation, she has confidence in her teammates behind her that they will do their job. The softball team consists of younger players so they’re all learning together and improving in practice. She has also noticed the rise of confidence this season from her teammates. During the off season this year, a few players from the softball team including Mezey volunteered to play on NJCU’s women’s basketball team in the 2017-18 season. She was more than happy to help because she played in high school and missed playing altogether.

Mezey is more than an athlete, she’s also an undergraduate working on her degree in criminal justice. As a child, she was interested into criminal fiction shows such as CSI which focus on the forensics of a crime. Since she enjoys learning about the forensics of a crime scene, she plans on becoming a police officer in the near future. However, she still plans on keeping herself involved in the sports world by coaching a softball or basketball team.