#NJCUBB Ousted in Home-and-Home Matchup


Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCU Baseball challenged Rowan in a New Jersey Athletic Conference for a home-and-home matchup on April 26. Due to rainy weather conditions NJCU had to make schedule alterations as the season comes to an end on May 1. The team is currently 19-18 for the overall season and 6-12 for the NJAC.

In the opening game, the Gothic Knights earned zero runs, four hits and two errors.

Rowan picked up a stunning eight runs in the bottom of the third which increased their chance of a win.

The Gothic Knights struggled to bring in a run to home plate throughout the game. The team had a few baserunners make an appearance such as Tom Pulcine who hit a double to right field in the first. Nick LoGatto who singled to third base in the fourth. He also stole second and third base but wasn’t able to reach home. Bill Feehan single to left field in the seventh and John Maino singled to right field in the ninth.

The Profs returned with their game-winning momentum and drove in three runs in bottom of the fourth.

Nate Facey pitched for three innings and threw a total of 79 pitches. He collected two earned runs, three walks, one strikeouts and nine runs.

Rowan carried a 14-0 shutout by the end of the game.

In the final leg of the home-and-home series, NJCU rescheduled their home game date on April 27 to April 29 and field to Rowan’s field due to rainy weather conditions.

The Gothic Knights had some major improvements opposed to the opener shutout received however the team still struggled to drive in a run. NJCU collected two runs, 10 hits and two errors.

Anthony Zicaro pitched 4 1/3 innings and threw a total of 81 pitches. He collected three earned runs, four runs, one walk and seven groundouts.

Jesse Kraft singled to left field in the second which allowed Nick LoGatto scored. Kraft returned in the fourth a double down the right field line which allowed Dan Berardi scored. Only two players left on base by the end of both inning.

Rowan brought in three runs in at the top of the fifth and gained a three-point lead until the Profs collected another run in the eighth to secure a win. The Gothic Knights lost 2-5 in the final leg matchup.

The team is scheduled to play Ursinus College on May 1. Stay tuned here and on NJCU Gothic Knights for more information about NJCU Athletics.