Rania Noubani inducted as SGO president July 1

Michi Suazo, Features Editor

Rania Noubani is the first ever Muslim woman to be elected SGO president at NJCU. She is also the first woman president the SGO has had in five years. Noubani plans to incorporate more community service for SGO, improve the communities inside of campus as well as outside, make more internships in departments and increase the members of clubs and organizations as well as their group activity. She plans on adding more training programs for those stepping up to be a student official and to implement hydration stations and charging stations throughout campus.

Jeffrey Dessources, head of Campus Life, added that one goal he has in mind is for more students to be vocal in conversation when it comes to discussing institutions. Another goal Dessources has is for students to find synergy amongst one another. “Transparency, too, is crucial for SGO in order for students to know about SGO’s accomplishments and activities, but to also allow students to challenge SGO.”