Attempted robbery at WCV was false

Accidental shooting occurred in dorm.

Monica Sarmiento and Kristen Hazzard

Updated February, 26, 2019.

The reported robbery on West Campus from Saturday, February 23, “was unfounded, and the police report filed was determined to be false.” The NJCU Department of Public Safety sent out an update to the university community on Tuesday, February 25.

“Evidence recovered from the scene indicates that the victim, who was not affiliated with the University, was accidentally shot in the foot inside a dorm room within the West Campus Village residence hall.”

In a February 24 press release from Jennifer Luciano, assistant dean of Residence Life and Student Engagement, student residents were informed that they are no longer permitted to have any guests, NJCU or non-NJCU, in the residence halls. “This incident has highlighted the ongoing issues of guests illegally entering and exiting the residence halls as well as students not scanning their ID cards at the front doors,” the release reads.

“Based on this situation, as well as previous announcements, meetings and behavioral issues, guest privileges (day, overnight, and residence hall to residence hall) will be revoked from all three residence halls (Co-Op, Vodra, and West Campus Village) until further notice. Any students who are found sneaking in guests will be immediately removed from campus for the remainder of the semester.”

Analisse Ortiz, a freshman dorming in the co-op dorms, was upset over the current ban on visitations. “I pay over $5,000 to dorm and I can’t even have a fellow NJCU student over. And we were promised the safest campus in New Jersey. If it’s so safe, why can’t I have another student over [in] my room?” Ortiz said. “… My roommate was gonna have her friend from Rutgers come over for the weekend and now her plans are trashed… and we don’t even know when this will end. We were just told ‘until further notice.’”

The Jersey City Police Department did not respond after a request for comment.

Original reports said that a visitor at the West Campus Village Residence Hall (WCV) was approached by an armed robber on Saturday at 1:53 a.m. Reports stated that after attempting to disarm the attacker the visitor was shot in the foot. 

“This incident is currently being investigated by the Jersey City Police Dept. therefore, I cannot comment at this time.” Ron Hurley, assistant vice president of the Department of Public Safety, said in an email on February 24, “We have since increased security coverage at the WCV.”

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