NJCUBB Defeated in 2019 Season Opener


Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

New Jersey City University’s baseball team had their 2019 season opener in Florida. The Gothic Knights faced Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU) on March 9 for their first game of the season. The team is competing in the RussMatt Central Florida Invitational from March 9 to March 13. Although IWU proved to be a tough competitor, NJCU fought back numerous times throughout the game to narrow the score.   

In the bottom of the first, an assist from Bill Feehan who lined out to infield allowed for Juan Pena to score the first run for NJCU. Pena returned in the third to run collect another run.

IWU dominated the scoreboard until the eighth inning. The team ripped seven runs in the top of the sixth however NJCU responded with 3 runs. Another 3 runs were collected in the seventh by the Gothic Knights. A double from Matt Corsi allowed Dan McLaughlin and Jesse Kraft to score. The Gothic Knights went on to collect two runs in the eighth and notch two runs in the ninth. NJCU collected 11 runs, 17 hits and three errors.

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