Counseling Center: waitlist continues to decrease


Kenise Brown, Editor-in-Chief

NJCU has reduced its waitlist to 18 students. In March, The Gothic Times reported that there were 37 students on the list.

Abisola Gallagher-Hobson, the director of Counseling and Wellness Services, said the part-time temporary counselors have been a lot of help at the Center. “Due to the new part-time counselors, who each provide 20 hours of service per week, we have significantly reduced the wait list.”

Veronica Cruz-Martinez started as a part-time counselor on February 25; Katiana Morisset began on March 11.

Martinez and Morisset will complete their term before this summer, leading to a possible waitlist increase, according to Gallagher-Hobson. “The part-time counselors will end their service [on] May 31 and it is likely as last summer, that we will continue to have a high demand for services throughout the summer.”

Dean of Students, Dr. Lyn Hamlin said that the temporary therapists are awaiting a settlement. “The ending time for the 2 part-time therapists is pending and we have not begun a search for a full-time therapist as of this point in time.”

Vice President of Student Affairs, Jimmy Jung, said in February that a waitlist is a “national problem… It’s also a New Jersey problem. Currently, you have Rutgers-Newark and Camden, Rowan, Stockton, and Kean University all expressing that they have seen overwhelming amounts on the waitlist.”

An anonymous spokesperson from Kean University said that this was not true, however, “Not a fact. We don’t have a waiting list.”

NJCU was also expected to have a benchmark survey and a social worker to help out in the Dean’s Office, but Dr. Hamlin said both are still in progress.

“The benchmark survey is also pending. The search for the full-time social worker in my office is also nearing its end, so that may alleviate (as it is appropriate) the waitlist for the Counseling Center.”

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