Counseling Center: Fourth Counselor Hired; Waitlist Decreases


Sandra Mendez, Arts & Entertainment Editor


Do you remember the staggering wait-list due to lack of staff in the counseling center?


Well, steps are being taken to alleviate the situation. Recently the counseling center hired Katiana Morisset, an experienced social worker. Morisset is an NJCU alumni who worked with various outreach programs in Jersey City.


Currently, there are 40 students on the wait-list to see a therapist. This is an improvement from the 96 students reported last semester.


Abisola Gallagher-Hobson, the director of Counseling and Wellness Services said that the department is used to having four people:


“We’ve always for about twenty years [had] four counselors including myself in the office, and then when one of our people left a little over a year and a half ago we weren’t able to fill it,” Hobson said. “ Since July and under the direction of Associate Vice President Jodi Bailey we now have moved forward and hired a new person.”


In addition, there will be a supplemental budget increase that can help upgrade the center and introduce new wellness programs.