Rania Noubani and the new SGO

(L-R) Lauren Deieso, Rania Noubani, Melissa Hernandez, Romina Generali, and Nasir McDaniels


Rania Noubani is the first ever Muslim woman to be elected president of the Student Government Organization (SGO) at NJCU. She is also the first woman president the SGO has had in five years. Noubani plans to incorporate more community service for SGO, improve the communities inside of campus as well as outside, make more internships in departments and increase the members of clubs and organizations as well as their group activity.

Jeffrey Dessources, head of Campus Life, added that one goal he has in mind is for more students to be vocal in conversation when it comes to discussing institutions. Another goal Dessources has is for students to find synergy amongst one another. “Transparency, too, is crucial for SGO in order for students to know about SGO’s accomplishments and activities, but to also allow students to challenge SGO.” Dessources will be working closely with Noubani and the new SGO board.

Five weeks into her term as president, Noubani has been working on meeting with faculty heads and staff to bridge the gap between faculty and students. She is also working with Assistant Director for Activities, Robert Quinones about clubs. “I want to see if the campus community service for clubs can be increased because clubs have to do a minimum amount of community service hours. I’m also planning the KLI (Knights Leadership Institute) retreat. I’m getting my committees in order and definitely want recruits to be more involved especially in SGO.”

Noubani, a biology major, continues training with SGO and is still getting situated as the new SGO president. She looks forward to the upcoming year.

The 2018-2019 SGO Board

Rania Noubani
[email protected]

Executive Vice President
Romina Generali
[email protected]

Vice President of Finance 
Melissa Hernandez
[email protected]

Vice President of Internal Affairs
Nasir McDaniels
[email protected]

Vice President of Public Information
Lauren Deieso
[email protected]
[email protected]

Vice President of Student Activities
[email protected]

This story was originally printed in The Gothic Times, Issue 1 of Fall 2018.