NJCUBB Victorious in Final Day of Invitational and Improve to 3-3

Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCUBB challenged Gordon College on March 13 for the final game of the Russ Matt Invitational.

In the first inning, the Gothic Knights drove in three runs back to back. Jesse Kraft fired off a triple to left field which allowed an awaiting Tom Pulcine to score the first run of the game for NJCU. Next up was Nick LoGatto who hit a single and Jesse Kraft scored. Immediately after, Juan Pena singled and LoGatto scored.

The game was quick-moving by the start of the second inning and progressed from there.  

At the top of the fifth, Palmisano was next on the lineup. He was hit on the back right shoulder by the pitcher and he then received a walk. Palmisano went on to steal second. An assist from Pulcine who crushed a line drive (sacrifice fly) permitted Palmisano to score a run. The Gothic Knights held a 4-1 lead by the end of the inning.  

Bases were loaded in the seventh. A wild pitch from Gordon allowed Pulcine advance to second, Leo Colon to advance to third and for Palmisano to drive in a run. The Gothic Knights earned their fourth error of the game in the seventh.

At the top of the eighth, Ricky Voss received his first RBI of the game when he hit a single to left field and allowed Matt Corsi to score a run. Palmisano returned to the plate and sacrificed two bunts but neither were successful and he was struck out. Sean Gibney entered the eighth to relieve Gavin Niland. Niland was awarded winning pitcher of the game and pitched 7.2 (7 ⅔) innings. He struck out seven batters, walked one and collected 4 runs. Gibney planned to get the Gothic Knights out of a rut. He did so with a strikeout which closed the inning. NJCU held a 6-2 lead in the eighth.

NJCU hoped to improve to 3-3 for the overall season if they continue to hold the lead. In the final inning, the Gothic Knights were 3 outs away from winning the game. Colon dove for the ball but missed prompting a Gordon baserunner to score a run. Only a few seconds left, LoGatto caught the ball which concluded the game. NJCU won the game 6-3 and is now 3-3 overall.

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