#NJCUBB 2-3 After Securing a Win Against Simpson

Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCUBB earned their second win of the season when the team faced Simpson College on March 12. They will participate in their final game against Gordon College on March 13.

In the bottom of the first inning, Nick LoGatto who earned a RBI, fired off a fly ball to center field which permitted Tom Pulcine to score. Immediately after, Juan Pena hit a single and Jesse Kraft scored.

NJCU and Simpson were neck and neck numerous times however NJCU kept a five-point margin or more for most of the game.

In the bottom of the third, Mike Albunia fired a line drive to center field which allowed Kraft to score. Matt Corsi stole second while LoGatto stole home.

The Gothic Knights delivered 3 runs in the fifth. Pena singled to center field and advanced to second base on an error which allowed LoGatto to score. Soon after, Anthony Palmisano reached first base on a fielding error and Pena scored. While bases were loaded, Tom Pulcine was hit by a pitched ball which permitted Matt Corsi to score.

Winning pitcher Kyle McKabe pitched 1.1 innings, struck out three batters and walked only one.

Simpson might have secured a total of 6 runs but the Gothic Knights’ defense was on full display and limited any chances of Simpson scoring enough runs to win the game. NJCUBB collected 11 runs, 11 hits and 2 errors. The team left the final score at 11-6. 

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