NJCUBB Defeated in 9-0 Shutout by RIT

Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCUBB took on Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) on March 11 for Day 3 of the RussMatt Invitational. The Gothic Knights couldn’t catch a break and were faced with a 9-0 shutout by RIT.

The team was given limited chances to receive a run however Ricky Voss, Jesse Kraft, Tom Pulcine and Anthony Palmisano had the opportunity to walk thanks to RIT.

Sean Gibney pitched for 4 innings, allowed only two walks and struck out five batters. NJCU was unable to prevent RIT from delivering two epic homeruns and collect five runs in total in the bottom of the sixth. That set the tone of how the game would play out for the next three innings.

However in the eighth, Nick LoGatto collected the first and only hit for NJCU when he doubled to infield. The Gothic Knights had zero runs, one hit and two errors.  

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